How human PPC management beats robots every time


If you read the headlines, you’ll see dozens of industries are falling victim to artificial intelligence. PPC management is one area where marketers wonder if they’ll one day be out of a job, thanks to machine learning in popular PPC platforms like Adwords.

Even though AI continues to evolve, there’s no replacement for a living, breathing, human managing your campaigns. Here’s how human PPC management will always beat the bots.

The Future of Human PPC Management

Experts on your side

The AI in PPC platforms isn’t designed to replace a PPC professional. It can definitely help if you’re just starting out and you need help with your campaign, but the AI isn’t a replacement for a real, trained professional.

Robots can optimize in certain situations, but they aren’t designed to think outside the box. A robot can’t advocate for your brand, especially when it’s working for your competitors, too.

Speaking of your competitors, if they use a dedicated PPC expert, you could be falling behind them in conversions. At the end of the day, it’s best to get an expert of your own to manage your PPC campaign.

Better writing

Sure, there’s AI out there that can write well. But humans still write better than machines, thanks to our creativity. You can’t program for life experience and intuitive judgment.

If you do want to use AI to write your PPC ads, you still have to supply the creative parameters for the ads. At the end of the day, humans are the creative juice that fuels the robots inside PPC platforms.

More control

When a robot manages your PPC campaign, it’s harder to control its actions. A PPC expert gives you much more control over your campaign. Although you’re still entrusting your campaign to another person, it’s in capable hands. A human can optimize your campaign to your exact specifications.

AI is a one-size-fits-all solution that everyone can use, but it’s not individualized or customized to your needs. If you want more control over your PPC campaigns, you still need a human touch.

Outside control

Robots will only work within set parameters. Let’s say your ad just isn’t working out. The robot tries adjusting multiple components of your ad, but it still isn’t performing. What’s the problem?

The core difference is that humans can adjust things outside of your PPC platform. For example, maybe your landing page or website isn’t optimized for conversions. This is something a human PPC manager would pick up on right away. He or she could work with your team to fix the situation. A robot? Not so much.

Humans are the way to go for PPC management, especially if you want to see a more significant return on your investment.

The bottom line

Robot PPC management is evolving, but it’s not all doom and gloom for humans in the profession. If anything, robot automation frees up humans to do more of what we love: being creative and connecting with customers. Our roles will evolve as we find more ways to optimize our time.

If you’re looking to optimize your PPC campaigns with a real, live human, give Spry Cricket a call to see real ROI.

Anthony Trimbleai, PPC