Get more traffic to your local business with retargeting


As a small, local business, it’s critical that you get more traffic to your site. In fact, 97% of internet users connect with local brands through advertising. 

Bring more people back to your website with an easy, affordable advertising strategy that will grow your local business: retargeting.

What is retargeting? 

Retargeting is a type of digital advertising. It works when you sign up for a retargeting platform (our favorite is AdRoll) and add its retargeting pixel to your website.  

A retargeting pixel is a small snippet of code that will place a cookie on your site visitors’ browsers. 

Thanks to the cookie, you’ll be able to anonymously “follow” users as they navigate the web. When the user lands on a website that’s within your retargeting platform’s network, they’ll see a display ad for your brand. 

Why do I need retargeting?

On a good day, website conversion rates are 2%. But with retargeting, you can get back in touch with people who didn’t convert. 

Retargeting brings interested customers back to your site, encouraging them to take action like giving you a call or submitting a contact form. 

Retargeting helps you focus on users who already know your brand. This is incredibly cost-effective and pushes for more sales. 

However, retargeting works best when it’s part of an overall marketing strategy. Combine it with Google Ads or content marketing to bring people back after they interact with your brand on other channels. 

How to do retargeting

Spry Cricket uses the AdRoll retargeting platform to, in the words of AdRoll, “convert window-shoppers into buyers.” AdRoll is part of the largest ad exchange online, placing your ads on 95% of the web across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

The best part? Retargeting with AdRoll is very cost-effective. Get more traffic to your site, convert more visitors, and boost revenue with smart retargeting that won’t break the bank. 

Not sure how to start retargeting? No problem. Chat with Spry Cricket to brainstorm your next advertising campaign.