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Each business requires a unique mix of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Social Media Management (SMM) and Pay per Click Advertising, to grow. Spry Cricket works closely with our customers to find the most favorable SEO keywords and social media audiences. We create internet marketing strategies that are sustainable, ethical, and effective. 

Internet Marketing is both highly technical and very personal. Effective SEO, SMM and PPC service providers must understand machines and people alike. Spry Cricket understands the workings of search engine bots and the dynamics of social media sites. Understanding both allows our customers to realize the full potential of their internet marketing efforts! 

Buying SEO, SMM and PPC services can be daunting. Spry Cricket tries to make internet marketing less daunting through upfront SEO, SMM and PPC prices. All SEO, SMM and PPC pricing is published on the website. With open and frequent communication with customers, out of all SEO, SMM and PPC outsourcing, Spry Cricket provides the best customer service.

Accelerate Your Business

Search Engine

  • bulls-eye Experienced - Bringing 20 years of experience when optimizing your website.
  • seo-tag Trustworthy - Offering a performance guarantee so you don't pay unless we perform.
  • rankings Ethical - using “white hat” SEO strategies for long term ranking growth.

Pay Per Click

  • computers Experienced - Bringing 17 years of AdWords experience when managing your campaigns.
  • apis AdWords certified - Managing over $1M worth of AdWords campaigns for our customers.
  • computer-design Straight Forward - No guess work pricing structure that is based on a % of your AdWords spend.

Social Media

  • phone-chat
    Exposure - working with all social media networks to find you new customers.
  • thumbs-up
    Comprehensive - managing advertising AND interactions so you don't have to.
  • chat-bubbles_1 Dynamic - Continuously changing our strategy to do what works best for your business.

Not getting results?
It's all in the code

When it comes to top-notch SEO Services, it’s all in the code. Our search engine optimization techniques are always industry best practices. We do not engage is shady techniques and no black hat seo. SEO services are powerful internet marketing techniques, especially when coupled with technical SEO. Our goal as a SEO company is to make sure your website's code is not inhibiting your search engine rankings.


We are a Digital

Persistence is the key. Effective social media management requires persistence. Persistence takes time. Spry Cricket can help ensure you remain persistent, and consistent, in your social media engagements.


Simple web marketing

Whether to provide SEO, SMM, or PPC services, Spry Cricket’s first step in your online marketing strategy is to get to know your website and your business. Where do you get customers now? Where could you get customers in the future? The more information we have, the better prepared we are as an seo agency to help tackle your competition. Spry Cricket™ takes a holistic approach to online marketing.


Up-Front Pricing

SEO Packages To Jump Start Your Business

Local $495/mo

  • Initial Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Local optimization
  • Up to 20 website pages

National $895/mo

  • Initial Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Performance Guarantee
  • National optimization
  • Up to 20 website pages

National+ $1,295/mo

  • Initial Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Performance Guarantee
  • National optimization
  • Up to 50 website pages

SMM Packages For Everyone

Basic - $695/mo

  • Facebook Posts 3/wk
  • Twitter Posts 3/wk
  • Google+ Posts 3/wk
  • Instagram Posts 3/wk
  • YouTube Video 1/mo
  • Facebook Ads
    • Likes
    • Boosted Posts
    • Website Conversions

Medium - $995/mo

  • Facebook Posts 5/wk
  • Twitter Posts 5/wk
  • Google+ Posts 5/wk
  • Instagram Posts 5/wk
  • YouTube Video 1/mo
  • Facebook Ads
    • Likes
    • Boosted Posts
    • Website Conversions

Advanced - $1,595/mo

  • Facebook Posts 10/wk
  • Twitter Posts 10/wk
  • Google+ Posts 10/wk
  • Instagram Posts 10/wk
  • YouTube Video 2/mo
  • Facebook Ads
    • Likes
    • Boosted Posts
    • Website Conversions

PPC Packages That Are Easy On The Wallet

Unlike other companies which rely on software to automate the PPC management process, Spry Cricket offers an experienced and skilled PPC team. Our team is capable of conducting highly efficient and productive AdWords campaigns. Focusing on bottom-line metrics, we optimize AdWords campaigns to maximize advertising ROI.

Get The Details


PPC Packages





AdWords Budget
(per month)

and under

$1,000 - $1,999

and up

PPC Services Price
(per month)


20% of AdWords Budget

15% of AdWords Budget

For example, if your AdWords budget is $1,500 per month, we will manage the spend of your entire AdWords budget and charge 20% of $1,500 a month for these PPC services, or $300 per month.


Getting started with online marketing can be daunting. An assessment is a great way to explore all online marketing options. We provide detailed assessments for free.


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